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Notifiable Incident

Did you know you are required by law to advise the rideshare companies you drive with of a 'notifiable incident'? Failure to report can lead to significant fines. Find out more below.

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Are you adequately insured? Vehicle insurance alone is not enough to protect you in your daily role as a ride share driver. Find out more below. 

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CTP Changes

NSW has levelled the playing field for rideshare drivers and taxis. Find out how these changes affect you in the rideshare industry.

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Do I have to take cash?

No, as a contractor it is your choice if you wish to accept cash or not. Just let the team know if you don't want to accept cash and we will switch it off as an option. 

Customer Complaints

You can't please everyone, sometimes we do our best, but it won't please everyone. These tips will help you achive great ratings and see how customer complaints are handled. 

How are payments handled?

Credit card payments via the passenger app are paid directly into the contractors digital wallet. A contractor can cash out at any time by selecting the Pay Out option under the contractor menu tab.

Passenger Levys

Go Buggy adds the Passenger Service Levy to every passenger ride. This is then collected from the contractor with the service fee and forwarded to the relevant state revenue office.

CTP Levy (NSW)

Go Buggy collects the CTP levy in NSW from drivers on a monthly basis with this amount being taken from the digital wallet. Rates vary between 6.6c and 11c (inc GST) depending on the area you operate. 

Does Go Buggy report to ATO?

We work with the  ATO and provide information as required under law.